September 23, 2023


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What’s the Difference Between Peat Moss vs Coco Coir?

If you are investigating generating your very own soil or wondering what your bagged soil is composed of, you have most likely seen peat moss and coco coir on the ingredient listing. These are prevalent soil components, but they’re not a person and the same! In this article are the primary variations and similarities amongst peat moss vs coco coir.

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In this post, we’ll address:

What is Peat Moss?

Peat moss is a person of the most well known substances for creating your possess potting mix for container gardens. It is light-weight, sterile, very absorbent and porous more than enough for airflow although retaining water.

When pretty simple to use, it does have a couple of disadvantages. It is by natural means acidic, so it requirements lime to neutralize it for plants that don’t like acidic soil. It also is really hard to rehydrate when dried out. You’ll observe this when you ignore to water your vegetation, and your soil turns into a solid brick.

The most significant drawback, on the other hand, is the sustainability issues surrounding peat moss.

Sphagnum peat moss will come from bogs. Bogs are dwelling to wildlife and exceptional vegetation and store carbon, which is important for the struggle against local weather modify. Even when harvested responsibly, replacing the shed peat moss can take many a long time.

You can find out a lot more about the sustainability troubles with peat moss listed here.

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What is Coconut Coir?

Coconut coir is created from the waste items of coconut husks. It has exceptional h2o-keeping capability, is light-weight, and is normally marketed as a sustainable different to peat moss. It has a neutral pH but doesn’t keep on to vitamins as very well.

There is a wide array of horticultural coconut coir merchandise some manufacturers may possibly not conduct perfectly in potting soil, whilst other individuals may perhaps be valuable addition. Before earning a huge expense in obtaining any coconut coir, take a look at a couple of brands to locate one particular that works for you.

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Peat Moss vs Coco Coir

So, which of the two is far better for the back garden? Here’s a breakdown of the excellent and detrimental functions of peat moss vs coco coir.

Coco Coir at a Glance

  • By merchandise (finds a use for what ordinarily could possibly go to waste)
  • Excellent drinking water retention
  • Loads of airflow
  • Neutral pH
  • Entirely sterile and has no soil microbes
  • Huge variety of overall performance based on brands (fantastic and lousy)
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Peat Moss at a Glance

  • Excellent water retention
  • Plenty of aeration
  • Sterile from microbes, seeds, salts, and metals
  • Lessens soil leaching
  • Acidic pH
  • Big sustainability issue
  • Demands rehydration and helps make soil rigid when dry
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The verdict? You can definitely use both, but I are likely to prevent sphagnum peat moss owing to its sustainability challenges. Coco coir tends to work just as nicely as peat moss (if not superior) when combined with compost, rice hulls, or perlite.

FAQ About Peat Moss and Coco Coir

Is peat moss far better than coco coir?

Coconut coir is promoted as a peat moss alternate, normally promoted as a ‘peat’ product. There is some debate on regardless of whether it is truly much more sustainable as the coir wants to be processed, which takes advantage of resources and can impact workers’ health and fitness, not to mention the extensive distances it will vacation when shipped to temperate climates.

Can coco coir be employed in put of peat moss?

Most unquestionably! To make a peat moss alternate, I mix together 1 aspect coconut coir with 1 part compost and 1 section rice hulls or perlite. Collectively, the 3 act like peat moss, apart from it does not dry out and is pH neutral.

What’s less expensive: coco coir or peat moss?

In most cases, coco coir is less expensive than peat moss. Considering that coco coir is a by-product, there’s additional than ample to be bought cheaply at backyard garden centres.

Peat moss desires to be exclusively harvested. In Canada, peat moss harvesting is hugely controlled, building the system a very little much more intensive, which adds up to a better selling price level.

Can I blend coco and peat moss?

Both of those coco coir and peat moss are well-known substances in Do it yourself potting soil recipes and can be mixed with each other.

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When getting the finest soil elements and recipes, know wherever your items arrive from. The far more local, natural and organic, and sustainable it is, the far better. Depending on your present-day soil and site, what functions very best for one man or woman may well differ from a different!

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